Welcome to our Penina Health Trust website. My name is Roine Lealaiauloto, Chief Executive for Penina Health Trust (commonly referred to as “Penina). We realize that you have visited this site to gain some insight into Penina Health Trust and with this in mind we hope that the information we have provided on this website answers any queries that you may have.

History of Penina Health Trust

Penina was first registered in March 2001. Penina formally began operations in June 2001 with its Family support service. Since its humble beginnings Penina has developed to provide a wide range of services including;

•  A Level IV forensic residential rehabilitation service

•  Child and Adolescent support services (in which it is part of a joint venuture with Richmond Fellowship and Mahi Tahi Trust, commonly known as the RPM service)

•  Community Living Services

•  Alcohol and other drug training services.

Governance and Management

Penina Health Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of people with experience in organisational governance and management, clinical expertise, service user expertise, etc. The governance of the board is chaired by a well respected and highly qualified business and organisational management expert, Mr Olo Elise Puni. At the operations level, Penina has a robust management infrastructure headed by its CEO. The Service delivery is overseen by the Service Delivery Manager, Mr Tavita Asiata. The diagram below gives a clearer understanding of the organisational structure of Penina Health Trust.

Mission, Philosophy and Values and Philosophy of Penina Health Trust

The Mission of Penina is simple but concise: “Quality and positive life for people who experience mental illness and their families.” Penina's Philosophy of Care is: “Penina Health Trust is committed to the principle of recovery. We exist to support people on their journey through illness and towards recovery. Recovery for Penina is about enabling people to take control of their own lives with a view to achieving their full potential. Penina will support people towards recovery through the delivery of timely, appropriate and safe services delivered by professional, competent staff whilst respecting the dignity and mana/mamalu of all those that they

The Values of Penina Health Trust include:

•  Sacredness of life

•  Love, Compassion and Care

•  Valuing of People

•  Respect

•  Acceptance

•  Integrity and Honesty

•  Quality

•  Family and Community